The Big 20

I've done a lot of things on a whim, but my trip in May probably takes the cake as far as that goes. I decided in late March of this year that I wanted to see a bunch of the country and go to a few states I had yet to visit. I roughly planned out a loop through the West that took me through OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, CO, UT, and ID. All told I traveled 4800 miles, saw numerous wonders, drove from snowcapped peaks to blistering hot desert. I planned very little as far as finding places to rest. I went where I wanted, when I wanted. The freedom was relieving and intoxicating. It was a good way to try to find myself a bit more, and to learn more about who I am as a person.

The trip was not only good for personal growth, it also was a massive cap to a big chapter of my life (College), and a great portfolio builder. I got my mind off school, and off the impending job hunt. At least mostly. I just focused on a few things that make me truly happy: Travel, Photography, Solitude, and Natural Wonder.

As you browse my site, you may come across some images from the myriad of locations I visited. Even if you only look for a moment, I hope you will be able to sense where I was in that moment, and that it may inspire you to undertake a journey of your own.