Evergreen Drift, June 2nd

I went to Evergreen Speedway today just to see what the drift scene was like. I've never watched cars drift, save for on TV. It was really awesome to watch in real life. Some people were pushing it on a few corners, so it was very entertaining. I also took some photos there, which have made their way into my galleries. I hope to continue to shoot drift racing in the future- I found it challenging, especially trying to nail the tracking shots on cars that spend most of their time moving in two directions at once. 

The Big 20

I've done a lot of things on a whim, but my trip in May probably takes the cake as far as that goes. I decided in late March of this year that I wanted to see a bunch of the country and go to a few states I had yet to visit. I roughly planned out a loop through the West that took me through OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, CO, UT, and ID. All told I traveled 4800 miles, saw numerous wonders, drove from snowcapped peaks to blistering hot desert. I planned very little as far as finding places to rest. I went where I wanted, when I wanted. The freedom was relieving and intoxicating. It was a good way to try to find myself a bit more, and to learn more about who I am as a person.

The trip was not only good for personal growth, it also was a massive cap to a big chapter of my life (College), and a great portfolio builder. I got my mind off school, and off the impending job hunt. At least mostly. I just focused on a few things that make me truly happy: Travel, Photography, Solitude, and Natural Wonder.

As you browse my site, you may come across some images from the myriad of locations I visited. Even if you only look for a moment, I hope you will be able to sense where I was in that moment, and that it may inspire you to undertake a journey of your own. 

A new year, A new website

Cargo Collective has proven to be a limited resource in photo-web hosting, so I am moving my work around, looking for a new home for it. Hopefully I'll find a good one here.